Since 1969, OE Attachments has been supplying millions of forks to businesses in both the United States and Canada. 30-year relationships with global partners provide OE Attachments with the knowledge and foresight required to help customers navigate today’s industrial marketplace.



We have the deep industrial product knowledge, logistics capability, and inventory experience required to fully understand the needs of the market and quickly adapt when necessary. Our long standing global partnerships enable us to always be one step ahead, ensuring real-time availability for our customers’ variable demands.

Experience Based Innovation


Over the past 50 years we’ve learned how to optimize the engineering and product development process to ensure industry-leading product innovation. Our industry insight benefits customers with cutting edge product developments that save time, money and increase profits.


OE Attachments is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company. The ISO 9001 certification guarantees OE Attachments’ dedication to the standards and processes set forth by the International Organization for Standardization. These standards serve as tools to improve customer experience and optimize the continuous improvement of product quality.



  • A documented and customer centric go-to-market product strategy
  • A set of purchasing standards guaranteeing the use of high quality materials
  • Defined quality control processes including material component evaluation, employee inspection, and final product testing procedures

  • Production control and corrective action documentation
  • Employee training materials and documented processes
  • Sales and marketing documentation for order entry systems and customer service
  • Executive level quality overview documentation
  • Ongoing internal audits for maintained quality assurance

Committed to the Customer

The ISO 9001 certification confirms the company’s commitment to meet and exceed customer requirements. ISO 9001 also serves as a commitment to the continued enhancement of customer satisfaction, and continual cultivation of an improved customer experience. ISO 9001 guarantees our customers:

  • Cost effective and market competitive pricing
  • Systems for organizational efficiency
  • A set of company processes dedicated to problem solving and prevention

  • Continuous product development
  • A system for providing feedback on product quality and customer service
  • Regular testing utilizing 3rd party testing organizations

Striving Towards Perfection

This certification solidifies the company’s pursuit for consistent product performance, development, and serves as a further testament to the company’s devotion to providing high quality products. In addition, ISO 9001 solidifies quality assurance and consistency throughout the production and manufacturing cycles.

Dedicated to the Process

ISO 9001-2015 affirms the company’s adherence to quality management principles. These principles are grounded in the effort for continued customer satisfaction as well as evidence based decision making and improved relationship management.