Fork Laser Guide

laser guide on carriage

Using a bright red laser, OEA Safeguard’s Laser Guide reduces the risk of damaging pallets, assets, and rack structures by providing operators a constant visual reference of their fork’s position. This American-made product fits all standard forklift carriages and features the brightest, most reliable, commercial-grade laser available.

up close image of laser

Features and benefits:

  • Ultra-bright red laser accurately shows the position of forks
  • Two laser options: single horizontal laser (for loading) or dual laser that comes with an additional laser dot (for unloading)
  • Two power options: rechargeable 6V battery or hardwired
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 50 hours at full charge; battery conservation feature will turn off laser 4 minutes after engine is turned off
  • Cold storage models available that can operate in extremely cold or hot temperatures
  • Height control options that disable laser once it’s at eye level
  • Wireless remote available

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