Multi-pallet handlers

Multi-Pallet Handlers are the ideal solution for moving multiple loads at the same time, thus, increasing forklift efficiency. OEA-Kaup’s innovative multi-pallet handler design combines stability with optimal visibility, even during heavy-duty operation. Options range from single-double models up to heavy-duty four-eight models that can transport as many as eight pallets at once.


Multi-Pallet Handler T429

Product # Capacity LCD S A B D E H L ITA Class V CofG (Z) Weight
MP-048-409-2-A 4800 lb 24" 3.94" 26-80" 40.9" 1.57" 3.14" 55" 45" II 7.83" 9.8" 1069.2 lb
MP-055-409-2-A 5500 lb 24" 3.94" 26-80" 40.9" 1.77" 3.14" 55" 45" II/III 7.95" 11.0" 1179.5 lb
MP-070-409-2-A 7000 lb 24" 3.94" 26-80" 40.9" 1.96" 3.14" 55" 45" III 7.95" 11.6"" 1278.7 lb

Multi pallet transportation with maximum cost-effectiveness


Maximum productivity at low cost

The reliability and longevity of Double Pallet Handlers ensures maximum costeffectiveness and profitability in transportation of palletized goods. Optimal visibility as well as exact synchronism enable high working speeds. Extremely low wear and tear minimizes operational costs. The design consisting of KAUP’s double T-profiles and C-profiles guarantee a high degree of stability and the highly wear resistant sliding profiles are a guarantee for minimum maintenance expenditure with long intervals between service checks. You have the choice between visibility optimised design (T429) and residual capacity optimised design (T409).


Optimised visibility conditions

The high visibility design ensures a clear view of the fork tips and guarantees safe and exact operation.

Custom proved design

The design consisting of KAUP’s double T-profiles and C-profiles guarantee a high degree of stability and a long operating time even under tough conditions.

Individually upgradeable

Whether quick release bottom hooks, load stabilizer, special load backrests, individual capacities, opening ranges, fork lengths or cross cuts – Double Pallet Handlers can be individually fitted or retrofitted for your operation (see page 4).

Separate sideshift

All Double Pallet Handlers are fitted with separate sideshift (SMOOTHROLL) as standard.


Bolt-on forks (T429)

interchangeable forks reduce spare part stocks as well as maintenance costs and guarantees maximum operation.


Sliding profiles

highly wear-resistant sliding profiles can, when necessary, be replaced quickly and simply on site without use of special tools and without dismounting the attachment from the truck.

Individual fitting

The distance between the inner forks can be adjusted on nearly all Double Pallet Handlers in order to pick up special pallets. Individual construction widths and capacities can be considered on request. Hydraulic movement of fork pairs, independent of each other, is available as an option so that the opening range can be adjusted to fit different types of pallets.


Options for retrofitting or upgrading for every transportation task





Load Stabilizers

In handling applications where the load must be secured during transportation, Double Pallet Handlers can be fitted with Load Stabilizers (T129) or telescopic Load Stabilizers (T124). The Load Stabilizer specifications such as opening range, dimensions and coating of contact pad can be adapted to suit the respective application.


Forks, Telescopic Forks and Load Backrests

Fork length and cross section as well as height and design of load backrests can be individually optimised and fitted for every application. The fork tips can be fitted with a locating claw upon request. Double Pallet Handlers can be equipped with Telescopic Forks T180T to handle different lengths of pallets.

Load end stop

Double Pallet Handlers can be fitted with a mechanical or hydraulic hinged load end stop to safely transport different sizes of pallets.