OE Attachments offers the largest selection of forklift forks in North America. Our forks are available in a number of different styles, mount types, capacities, and custom options. We have our own state-of-the-art in-house fabrication and engineering unit which allows us to fulfill modifications to existing forks or a brand new fork based on an original design.



  • Fork weight capacity starts at 1,000 lbs and can go up as high as 300,000 lbs.
  • Fork thicknesses range from 1″ and go as high as 6″.
  • Fork widths start at 2″ and go as high as 16″.


Forks are available with ITA or shaft mounts. ITA forks are available in Class I, II, III, IV and V capacities. Shaft mounts can be positioned offset, inset, rear shaft or inline. Other mounts available upon request.


OE Attachments is able to modify or customize any product to fit your exact specifications at our own in-house factory. Our engineering team works to provide customers with custom solutions to solve unique product challenges. Some common modifications we make are:

  • Adjustments to the fork shaft mount placement
  • Custom fork mounts and adapters
  • Custom couplers and mount types for attachments
  • Size adjustments and unique custom features to existing products

Additionally, over the past 50 years we have worked with OEMs on an extensive variety of exclusive product designs. No fork is outside the realm of possibility. Our highly-skilled engineering team is ready to collaborate with you.

Roller-Guided Forks

Roller-Guided Forks are traditionally outfitted on large forklift trucks and are made to handle higher-capacity loads (9-18 tons). These types of forks are often used in steel and lumber industries as well as in port logistics. The distinct feature of these forks is that rollers are mounted directly onto the fork which allows them to move horizontally along the forklift carriage.

OE Attachments makes Roller-Guided Forks exclusively by request according to specifications provided by the customer. All Roller-Guided Forks are built-to-order and custom made to fit your specific forklift carriage.

To get a quote and estimated lead time, please call 913-599-9040 to speak with one of our experienced sales associates. OE Attachments leads the industry in availability of products, customer service and competitive pricing

Features & benefits:

  • Rollers enable forks to move horizontally along the forklift carriage
  • Custom-made to fit your forklift carriage based upon your specifications
  • Forks are composed of fully heat-treated and tempered boron-carbon steel
  • Made for higher-capacity loads ranging up to 300,000 lbs

Forks with Bushing Inserts

OE Attachments provides brass bushing inserts for Shaft Mounted Fork Positioning Forks. These bushings can be sold as a service part or incorporated into complete forks that we build to your specifications.

Since all bushing insert orders are custom built, please review the following information and disclaimers:

  • Bushing Shaft size offering: minimum 1.5″, maximum 5″
  • Shaft clearance gaps will exist in standard product of 1/8″ – 1/4″
    • Bushings may be customized to reduce clearance gaps
  • We offer bushing inserts as a replacement part for OEA forks
  • For all other fork types a replacement bushing insert would be considered a custom item
  • Give consideration to the outside diameter measurements of a Shaft Mount Fork eye as it will need to be larger to accommodate bushings to ensure there is enough clearance on your machine for the forks to move back and forth properly

For additional information about Forks with Bushing inserts or to place your order, please call (913) 599-9040 and a sales associate will be happy to assist you.

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