Bale Clamps

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OEA Kaup Bale Clamps are ideal for transporting unpalletized materials or loads predominantly found in the recycling and paper industries. Bale clamps can make easy work of unloading trucks and railway containers when pallets aren’t available, as well as transporting pallet-less bales of paper, fabric, tobacco, textiles, boxes and other containers.[/vc_column_text]


  • Clamping
  • Lifting

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Bale ClampsCapacity lbLCD inSideshiftWidth inArm LengthArm HeightOpening RangeITA ClassLost LoadCofG HorizontalCofG VerticalWeight lb
MINIMUM2,500 lb- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -
BC-036-1836-2-A3,850 lb24"VBSS38.2"36.2"17.3"22.2-71.5"II6.8"10.2"8.9"1,041 lb
BC-036-1840-2-A3,850 lb24"VBSS38.2"39.4"17.3"22.2-71.5"II6.8"11.5"8.8"1,013 lb
BC-036-1848-2-A3,850 lb24"VBSS38.2"47.2"17.3"22.2-71.5"II6.8"14.2"8.6"1,117 lb
BC-050-1836-3-A5,000 lb24"VBSS40.9"35.4"18.5"23-76.2"III7.3"10.1"9.4"1,200 lb
BC-050-1840-3-A5,000 lb24"VBSS40.9"39.4"18.5"23-76.2"III7.3"11.3"9.3"1,261 lb
BC-050-1848-3-A5,000 lb24"VBSS40.9"47.2"18.5"23-76.2"III7.3"14.0"9.0"1,384 lb
BC-070-1836-3-A7,040 lb24"VBSS47.2"35.4"18.5"25.4-83.6"III8.1"9.4"11.5"1,636 lb
BC-070-1840-3-A7,040 lb24"VBSS47.2"39.4"18.5"25.4-83.6"III8.1"10.5"11.3"1,706 lb
BC-070-1848-3-A7,040 lb24"VBSS47.2"47.2"18.5"25.4-83.6"III8.1"12.8"11.0"1,846 lb
MAXIMUM8,500 lb- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -

All dimensional sizes are nominal

Bale Clamp Forklift Attachment

Bale Clamp Forklift Attachment

Bale Clamp Forklift Attachment

Bale Clamp Forklift Attachment



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