Carton / Appliance Clamps

OEA-Kaup’s Appliance and Carton Clamps are used worldwide to transport heavy appliances and consumer electronics. The clamp arms and/or clamp body are able to recognize independently how many loads should be lifted. The system then regulates the required pressure needed to handle the load without damaging it. The clamp wear pads offer additional protection of the load. Clamps are also available in rotating versions.

Carton/Appliance Clamp Model CCB1

Product #CapacityLCDS*ABEFGClassVZ (C of G) Hor.Y (C of G) Vert.Weight
Minimum2750 lb13"II
CCB1-025-4848-2-A2507 lb24"VBSS22"-77.2"42.5"2.2"47.2"47.2"II5.1"17.4"13.1"1437 lb
CCB1-036-4848-2-A3682 lb24"VBSS22"-76"42.5"2.4"47.2"47.2"II5.6"18.1"18.8"1521 lb
CCB1-036-4848-3-A3682 lb24"VBSS22"-76"43"2"47"47"III6"18"19"1521 lb
Maximum4400 lb94"III

*VBSS: Valveblock Sideshift


Dual swiveling arms

  • Automatic compensation of toe-in
  • Equal distribution of clamping pressure
  • Parallel contact pads

Vulcanized pads

Low wear and tear on contact pads.

Bolted on steel rubber plate

Low wear and tear and easy to replace.

Available for different arm sizes.

Gripping nap strap coating

The yellow coating is very soft, leaves no marks on the load and distinguishes itself through excellent friction. The black coating has low wear and tear qualities.

Bulb plate pads

These pads are an alternative when special shapes and sizes are to be manufactured individually. Suitable for a multitude of applications.

Quick & Easy

Installation on the forklift truck

The guide rail for the sideshifter housing is located on the upper bar of the fork carriage and locks into the center notch. The complete attachment is mounted onto this guide rail and secured by bolting the bottom mounting brackets (1) to the carriage. These are needle bearing guided bottom brackets (SMOOTHROLL) (2); attachments with capacities above 3,5 t feature tandem rollers (3). Once the hydraulic hose lines from the attachment to the truck are connected the attachment is ready for operation. If required, KAUP quick release brackets (4) can be supplied. These allow the clamp to be mounted/dismounted quickly without any tool.


High visibility

KAUP Clamps set high standards with regards to visibility. Optimized design ensures excellent visibility for the driver and allows quick and precise operation of the clamp guaranteeing high working performance and reducing accident risk significantly.


Handling with KAUP Clamps

KAUP Clamps are generally supplied with sideshift function which simplifies operation for the truck driver. Especially independent sideshift system (1-4) permits sideshifting without restriction under safety regulations and allows utilization of the entire opening range for shifting loads sidewards. All sideshift housings feature (SOFTSTOP), end-of-stroke- slow-down.

If required all KAUP clamps can be fitted with valveblock sideshift system which uses the residual stroke of the clamp cylinders to achieve lateral arm movement.


The KAUP Clamp profile (5)

A combination of T and C profiles is used on KAUP Clamps characterised by favourable weight with very compact dimensions providing high stability. An extremely robust sliding profile to improve gliding and to reduce wear and tear is found between the profiles.


A large range of accessories

Pressure reduction valve and manometer gauge: KAUP Clamps are fitted for the function “open clamp“ with a pre-set pressure reduction valve to prevent damage on the clamp arms by lateral pushing of the loads with arm outsides. In order to regulate the closing force when handling pressure sensitive loads a pressure reduction valve is fitted generally. If required three different force levels can be pre-set and con-trolled, either manually (7) or by solenoid valve. A manometer gauge (6) mounted in good view of the driver provides a ready check on the hydraulic operation pressure of the clamp.


Heavy duty application

Strong arms which can carry several cartons along together at once. Allow tip clamping with suitable working pressure. With exchangeable tear and wear bar (8) which is standard to prolong the life of the attachment.

Equipped with quick opening valve which can increase the working efficiency. A flow divider on heavy duty models equalizes the speed of two arms to maintain stability and efficiency during the handling of loads.

OEA KAUP Carton and Appliance Clamps feature mounting lugs as standard enabling a backrest to be fitted conveniently without drilling or any other modifications.

Load Backrest

Product #BHClass ITAWeight
LBCCB1-425-2-A 42.5"19.7"II59.1 lb