Fork Clamps

Palletized goods often need additional stability when being transported. OEA Kaup Fork Clamps allow an operator to select the precise opening range based on a particular load, without compromising visibility. Fork Clamps allow the operator to clamp or cradle difficult items in the safest manner. Odd shapes and products such as tires and drums can also be picked up by squeezing the forks together. OEA Kaup Fork Clamps can be fitted with a valve block sideshift system which uses the residual stroke of the clamp cylinders to achieve lateral arm movement.


  • Clamping
  • Sideshifting
  • Positioning
  • Lifting

Fork Clamps

Fork ClampsCapacity lbLCD inS inB inA inD inE inG inITA ClassV inCofG ZCofG YWeight lb
MINIMUM- -- -- -29.5"1.6"- -- -- -II- -- -- -- -
FC-036-382-2-A3,666 lb24"VBSS38.2"16.5-65.7"2"5"36"II7.2"9.6"7.0"803 lb
FC-036-382-2-B3,666 lb24"VBSS38.2"16.5-65.8"2"5"42"II8.1"9.6"8.3"1,060 lb
FC-036-382-2-C3,666 lb24"VBSS38.2"16.5-65.9"2"5"48"II7.7"10.6"6.7"854 lb
FC-052-409-2-A5,000 lb24"VBSS40.9"17.7-70.9"2"5"36"III8.1"8.1"7.9"987 lb
FC-052-409-2-B5,000 lb24"VBSS40.9"17.7-70.9"2"5"42"III8.1"8.4"7.8"999 lb
FC-052-409-2-C5,000 lb24"VBSS40.9"17.7-70.9"2"5"48"III8.1"9.6"7.5"1,032 lb
FC-070-472-3-A7,040 lb24"VBSS47.2"18.1-76.4"2"6"42"III8.9"8.1"10.1"1,399 lb
FC-070-472-3-B7,040 lb24"VBSS47.2"18.1-76.5"2"6"48"III8.9"9.2"9.8"1,438 lb
FC-070-472-3-C7,040 lb24"VBSS47.2"18.1-76.6"2"6"54"III8.9"10.4"9.4"1,477 lb
FC-070-472-3-D7,040 lb24"VBSS47.2"18.1-76.7"2"6"60"III8.9"11.6"9.1"1,516 lb
MAXIMUM- -- -- -86.6"93.5"- -- -- -IV- -- -- -- -
All dimensional sizes are nominal. Other sizes available upon request.

Attachment Installation
The guide rail for the sideshifter housing is located on the upper bar of the fork carriage and locks into the center notch. The complete attachment is mounted onto this guide rail and secured by bolting the bottom mounting brackets to the carriage. These are needle bearing guided bottom brackets (Smoothroll). Attachments with capacities above 3.5 tons feature tandem rollers. Once the hydraulic lines from the attachment to the truck are connected the attachment is ready for operation.

Independent sideshift system permits sideshifting without restriction under safety regulations and allows utilization of the entire opening range for shifting loads sideways. All sideshift housings features end-of-stroke- slow-down (Softstop).

If required, clamps can be fitted with valveblock sideshift (VBSS), which uses the residual stroke of the clamp cylinders to achieve lateral arm movement.

Clamp Profile
A combination of T and C profiles is used on OEA Kaup Clamps, providing high stability. This extremely robust sliding profile improves gliding and reduces wear and tear.

Optional Accessories
Quick release brackets can be supplied — allowing the clamp to be mounted/dismounted quickly without any tool.

If required three different force levels can be preset and controlled, either manually or by solenoid valve. A pressure gauge mounted in sight of the driver provides a view of hydraulic operation pressure of the clamp.

(1) Independent sideshift system
(2) Smoothroll needle bearing guided bottom brackets
(3) Smoothroll tandem rollers
(4) Quick release lower brackets
(5) T and C sliding profiles
(6) Pressure gauge
(7) Manual valve

Load Backrest

Load backrests (1) can be easily retrofitted on existing clamps. They come as standard equipment and are located in the top mounting rings provided on the clamp body. The fastening and spacer elements are inserted through the mounting ring and the backrest is secured with the two M16 bolts provided.


OEA KAUP Clamps can be individually fitted or modified for the most demanding tasks. A cylinder protection (2), cylinder and piston rod protection or sideshift cylinder protection, respectively hose protection (3), depending on the application of the clamp can be fitted to all models in order to reduce damages and to maximize the availability of the attachment.

Fork Clamps LBRTotal HeightB inH inITA Class
All dimensional sizes are nominal. Other sizes available upon request.

Rotating Fork Clamps

Product #Fork CapacityClamp CapacityLCDABDEGHIKTq @ 1812 psiGpmClassVZ (C of G) Hor.Y (C of G) Vert.Weight
Minimum4180 lb2750 lb0.78"38.2"2840 ft lb
RFC2-036-382-2-A4784 lb3671 lb24"16.9"-66.1"38.2"2.0"4.7"48"10.6"18.0"1.3"2840 ft lb1.3II12.8"5.9"10.7"1180 lb
RFC2-052-409-3-A6614 lb5291 lb24"17.7"-70.9"40.9"2.0"5.9"48"13.3"15.6"1.6"6601 ft lb3.0III14.4"6.4"13.4"1345 lb
RFC2-065-472-3-A8267 lb6504 lb24"18.1"-76.4"47.2"2.4"5.9"48"13.3"15.6"1.6"6601 ft lb3.0III14.8"6.7"12.5"1605 lb
Maximum13200 lb9240 lb96.5"71.7"12654 ft lb

Rotating Fork Clamps Forks

Product #Fork SizeFork SizeFork SizeFork Size