Push/Pulls can replace traditional pallets with inexpensive slipsheets when shipping and receiving warehouse loads. Push/Pulls are typically used for bagged products like seed, agricultural products, cosmetics, cased food, and more. OEA-Kaup’s Push/Pull can be used with or without a pallet saver, with a separate sideshifter, or with a hydraulically-adjustable carrying platen. The range includes a slip-on version which can easily be fitted on forks of all sizes.

Push-Pull Model T143S

Product #CapacityLCDBCDEFClassVZ (C of G) Hor.Y (C of G) Vert.Weight
Minimum2200 lb
PPFM-037-1548-2-A3748 lb24"39.4"50"40.7"0.4"48"N/A8.5"10.1"14.1"990 lb
PPCM-037-1548-2-A3748 lb24"39.4"50"40.7"1.0"48"II10.2"13.0"10.9"1226 lb
Maximum5280 lb

Push-pull attachments allow the transportation of loads by means of inexpensive and place saving slip-sheets which are usually made of plastic or cardboard. Expensive and unwieldy wooden pallets are then superfluous. This makes, for example, economical loading of over-seas containers feasible.

The gripper bar on the push-pull grate pulls the slip-sheets, together with the load, onto the carrying plate of the push-pull and the load is thus transported to its destination point. The load is either pushed off together with the slip-sheet, or in the case of a push-pull with slip-sheet saver, only the load is pushed off.

OEA-KAUP has modified and technically improved its previous range of push-pulls. The most important difference to the “old” range is that the new range of push-pulls is designed with a scissor system so that the pushing mechanism is self-supporting and needs no further support. A further advantage of the new push-pull lies in the hydraulic system. All hydraulic cylinders have been optimised to the required application guaranteeing safe handling of the load. Also the use of plastic sliding bushes is service friendlier and makes the bearings of the scissor system maintenance free.

Typical goods, where OEA-KAUP push-pulls are put in operation, are cartons and bagged goods as well as beverage cans and bottles.


• with or without pallet saver

• with separate sideshifter

• with hydraulically adjustable carrying plate

Step 1

Approach the load until the flap fits into the gripper channel

Step 2

Grip the slip-sheet

Step 3

Pull the slip-sheet and load onto the platen

Step 4

Pull the slip-sheet and load onto the platen

Step 5

Slip-sheet saver bar is lowered and presses down the slip-sheet

Step 6

Slip-sheet saver bar is lowered and presses down the slip-sheet