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Loads carried by forklifts often need to be rotated, either to empty a container or set a horizontal load upright. OEA Kaup Rotators can be equipped with forks as well as with clamps, booms or other load handling attachments. Rotators come standard with ITA rail mounting and prioritize speed over torque — this can be changed should the application/specification require it.



  • Rotating/Emptying
  • Lifting

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized lost load center: industry-leading residual capacity.
  • Modular design: rotators are the basis for all rotating attachments and OEA Kaup’s rotators offer multiple fork retaining locations for ideal fork positioning.
  • Excellent visibility: clear view of the attachment for safe and exact operation.
  • Attachment mobility: continuous 360° rotation in both directions.

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RotatorsCapacity lbLCD inA inB inFt-Lbs Torque @ 1812 psiIn-Lbs Torque @ 1812 PSIGpm Per RPMITA ClassV inCofG ZCofG YWeight lb
MINIMUM2,640 lb- -- -30.7"- -- -- -II- -- -- -- -
RO2-033-409-2-A3,300 lb24"30.7"40.9"2,217 ft-lb26,604 in-lb1 GpmII7.5"4.4"8.1"414 lb
RO2-045-370-2-A4,583 lb24"39.3"37"2,839 ft-lb34,068 in-lb1.3 GpmII7.9"4.4"10"557 lb
RO2-045-409-2-A4,583 lb24"39.3"40.9"2,839 ft-lb34,068 in-lb1.3 GpmII7.9"4.4"10"570 lb
RO2-058-421-3-A5,866 lb24"39.3"42.1"2,839 ft-lb34,068 in-lb1.3 GpmIII8.1"4.8"10.5"664 lb
RO2-091-480-3-A9,174 lb24"39.8"48"6,601 ft-lb79,212 in-lb3 GpmIII8.2"4.5"12.3"924 lb
MAXIMUM17,600 lb- -- -63"- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -
All dimensional sizes are nominal. Other sizes available upon request.
Standard Fork OptionsFork Size (inch)Fork Size (inch)Fork Size (inch)Fork Size (inch)Fork Size (inch)
RO2-033-409-2-A1.5 x 4 x 361.5 x 4 x 421.5 x 4 x 48- -- -
RO2-045-370-2-A1.5 x 5 x 361.5 x 5 x 421.5 x 5 x 48- -- -
RO2-045-409-2-A1.5 x 5 x 361.5 x 5 x 421.5 x 5 x 48- -- -
RO2-058-421-3-A1.75 x 5 x 361.75 x 5 x 421.75 x 5 x 48175 x 5 x 54- -
RO2-091-480-3-A2 x 5 x 422 x 5 x 482 x 5 x 542 x 5 x 602 x 6 x 48
Other fork sizes available upon request.

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Modular Design

The modular design of OEA Kaup rotator bodies and clamp attachments allow for seamless integration to maximize capabilities. Combining multiple functions gives the operator total control when completing complex tasks — no more manual change-overs or adjusting equipment.

Looking for OEA Kaup replacement parts? Contact our product experts for specs and pricing.

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