The OEA Kaup Sideshifter allows for lateral shifting of the load. This enables the driver to position goods horizontally with precision and increases the overall efficiency of the forklift. Standard and high-capacity models are currently available.



  • Sideshifting

Features & Benefits:

Optimized lost load center: industry-leading residual capacity

Operational efficiency: simple installation; minimal service
required with no need for special tools; piston rods protected


Rotator Attachment

Sideshifter Standard Models

Product #CapacityLCDCarriage (B)ACDSITA ClassVC of G (Z)C of G (Y)Weight
Minimum5500 lb35"II
SSP5-055-370-2-A5512 lb24"37.0"23.2"1.3"1.1"3.9"II2.2"0.9"8.5"137 lb
SSP5-055-409-2-A5512 lb24"40.9"23.2" 1.3"1.1"3.9"II2.2"0.9"8.5"146 lb
SSP5-066-370-3-A6614 lb24"37.0"23.6"1.7"1.5"3.9"III2.5"0.9"11.4"159 lb
SSP5-066-409-3-A6614 lb24"40.9"23.6"1.7" 1.5"3.9"III2.5"0.9"11.3"172 lb
SSP5-066-451-3-A6614 lb24"45.1"23.6"1.7"1.5"3.9" III 2.5"0.9"11.3"181 lb
SSP5-101-490-3-A10141 lb24"49.0"23.6"2.1"1.6"3.9" III 3.2" 1.4"10.5"269 lb
Maximum11000 lb55.1"III

OEA Kaup standard capacity Sideshifters are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Greasable, highly wear-resistant sliding pads provide a smooth movement in Easyslide 5,500 lb and Easyglide 6,500 lb models.

The Smoothroll 10,000 lb model includes bottom brackets fitted with gliding support rollers for less energy consumption.  

Side Shifter High-Capacity Models

Product #CapacityLCDABCDSGJClassVZ (C of G) Hor.Y (C of G) Vert.Weight
Minimum5500 lb35"II
SSP2-110-610-3-A11023 lb24"4.1"61.0"1.7"1.7"3.9"6.5"36.3"III3.6"2.0"11.8"531 lb
SSP2-110-720-3-A11023 lb24"4.1"72.0"1.7"1.7"3.9"6.5"36.3"III3.6"2.1"11.8"569 lb
SSP2-176-858-4-A17637 lb24"4.4"85.8"2.4"2.1"6.3"8.3"54.8"IV4.0"2.2"14.2"983 lb
Maximum17637 lb137.8"IV

OEA Kaup high-capacity Sideshifters have equal shifting force and speed in both directions to accommodate extreme operations. To reduce wear, Softstop was developed to slow down speed considerably during the last ½-inch of stroke.

Smoothroll bottom brackets are fitted with single or double supporting rollers to reduce energy loss.

Capacities of up to 6,600 lb fitted with supporting rollers

Capacities of up to 7,700 lb or more fitted with double supporting rollers

Load Backrest

The OEA Kaup Load Backrest has been designed to secure and stabilize loads.

  • Solid construction
  • Good visibility conditions
  • Suitable for fork carriages and sideshifters
Product #Total HeightB HClass ITA

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