Telescopic Forks

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Telescopic Forks enable the stacking of palletized goods to the opposite side of trucks or in double-deep racks. Telescopic Forks increase loading speeds, ensure quicker loading cycles, and open up an entire range of logistic options. These forks can also be used as hydraulic fork extensions for various sized loads or pallets, eliminating the need for fork extensions.[/vc_column_text]


  • Extending/Retracting
  • Lifting

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced down time: service and maintenance-friendly design for faster upkeep of attachment; easily access hydraulic connections for quick and simple assembly or disassembly.
  • Optimal efficiency: forks can be extended or retracted under load; left and right fork are completely synchronized to move together; sliding parts include extended-wear surfaces.
  • Attachment versatility: can be used as standard forks when extension isn’t needed; pallet stop, load stop and load backrest options available.
  • Excellent visibility: clear view of fork tips for safe and exact operation.

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Product #Capacity @ 24inCapacity @ 57inCapacity @ 69inEDG1G2ClassVZ (C of G)Z1 (C of G)Y (C of G) Vert.Weight
Minimum4400 lb2090 lb1750 lb31.5"47.2"II
TFCT-055-4781-2-A5512 lb2646 lbN/A6.4"2.2"47.2"80.7"II1.8"16.5"22.8"2.2"428 lb
TFCT1-055-5393-2-A5512 lb2646 lb2205 lb6.4"2.2"53.1"92.5"II1.8"19.2"27.9"2.0"463 lb
TFCT-077-4781-3-A7716 lb3527 lbN/A6.4"2.2"47.2"80.7"III1.8"15.8"23.1"3.3"465 lb
TFCT1-077-5393-3-A7716 lb3527 lb2976 lb6.4"2.2"53.1"92.5"III1.8"18.4"27.3"3.0"503 lb
Maximum11000 lb5060 lb4180 lb53.1"92.5"III

All dimensional sizes are nominal

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Low Lost Load Center

Low lost load center provides excellent residual capacity.

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Auto Synchronization

No misalignment with 100% synchronization of left and right forks.

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Hardened Fork Shoes

Robust fork shoes with hardened bar run the full length of the bottom of the forks.


Looking for OEA Kaup replacement parts? Contact our product experts for specs and pricing.

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