Forklift Information System

An investment in a safer workplace not only protects employees and visitors — it can also lead to a reduction in damaged product, facility equipment and assets and work-related injury claims.

OEA Safeguard offers advanced technology with the Forklift Information System (FLIS). FLIS is a modular safety solution engineered to meet the safety, monitoring and reporting needs of any company. Prevent forklift-related accidents, injuries and property and product damage by providing real-time monitoring and safety alerts well before accidents occur.

Build a Forklift Information System to meet your needs — add a sensor to monitor speed, a camera to assist with visibility or load detection to help make informed decisions about vehicle and operator usage. Only interested in digitizing OSHA pre-shift checklist data? FLIS has you covered! Be ready for your next OSHA inspection with pass/fail data from the pre-shift checklist stored in the cloud for remote access any time. OEA Safeguard’s Forklift Information System works with all brands of forklifts.

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Integrate FLIS into a Cloud system and all data collected by the Forklift Information System can be accessed remotely for monitoring and reporting purposes. No more need for the excessive paper trail of OSHA pre-shift checklists. Create custom dashboards and reports to view KPIs with ease.

Standard Forklift Information System units include:

  • Digitized OSHA pre-shift checklist
  • Productivity/incident tracking
  • Multi-tiered user access with ignition control
  • 7-inch Android tablet (head unit) and mounting bracket
  • Ability to integrate additional sensors or devices

Upgrade your Forklift Information System to meet your needs with these options:

  • Speed Tracking
  • Buzzer/light warning indicator
  • Camera
  • Load Detection

The Forklift Information System (FLIS) is compatible with most makes and models of forklift truck and includes all the following features as part of its standard offering. For questions about any of these features, pricing, and the installation process, contact our knowledgeable solutions team.

System modularitySystem is built to be scalable from standard unit to full line of additional accessories. Modular design allows features to be added after initial standard unit purchase.
Access ControlAssign user level for operator, maintenance or administrator. Modify operator access level on head unit or remotely with Cloud system.
OSHA pre-shift checklistStandard model includes general OSHA pre-shift checklist on head unit. Questions can be modified based on company preference. Pass/fail results can be accessed any time from the head unit or remotely by administrator.
Customizable checklistsCreate additional checklists for vehicle maintenance, driver training or other information where tracking is desired.
Screen snapshot buttonTake a screenshot of the data on screen or image from camera feed on your display with the touch of a button. Data is stored locally on the head unit and available on the remotely.
Android/Linux PlatformRun other approved Android apps including standard apps for training or informational purposes. Files and work instructions can be stored on the head unit and pulled up on the screen outside of the FLIS app.
Impact detection with driver recorderAll incidents are time-stamped and logged and real-time notifications sent to administrator
Reporting capabilitiesAccess checklist results and incident reports from head unit or Cloud dashboard at any time.
Visual warning on displayStandard model includes visual on-screen flashing alerts. Upgrade to buzzer and light accessory for additional alerts.

The Forklift Information System (FLIS) is fully modular — additional features can be added at a later date if you choose not to get them initially. For questions about speed sensor, buzzer, camera or load detection, including features, pricing and the installation process, contact our knowledgeable solutions team.

Accessories FeatureBenefit
Speed SensorTrack SpeedInstant notification of vehicle speeding incidents by operator allows for immediate corrective action — improving safety culture.
BuzzerSound and light alerts when speeding or impact occursBuzzer and light alert operator and bystanders of speeding or impact to reduce the risk of injury or damage.
CameraCamera can be attached anywhere on the truck to aid in visibilityCamera feed displays directly on screen — allowing for a better view from the rear, mast or anywhere else additional sight might be needed.
Load DetectionDocument when vehicle is carrying loadUse load data to make informed decisions about operator and vehicle utilization.

Upgrade to advanced FLIS accessories which include dynamic calculation and visibility of fork capacity on the head unit. Residual load capacity and other sensors are available for use with the Forklift Information System. Try the tool below to experience residual capacity or reach out to a representative to schedule an in-person demo.

Our most popular reporting requests include

  • OSHA checklist pass/fail
  • Productivity measurements (machine run time)
  • Incident/impact reports
  • Other checklists defined by your needs

FLIS can save valuable time with FLEET MANAGEMENT REPORTING

Manage safety and maintenance – ensure vehicle usage and maintenance always meet your standards.

Use reports to track vehicle usage and productivity by site, operator and vehicle – improving asset utilization.

Receive immediate timestamp notifications when an incident occurs – including which operator was driving.

Not sure what is required from OSHA for pass/fail reports? For forklift safety processes? Let our engineers design a custom solution for your facility based on your most pressing needs. Reach out today to set up an on-site or virtual demonstration of the Forklift Information System.

Forklift Accident Statistics

In today’s challenging times, with a shortage of skilled labor, current employees are often tasked with work outside of their training or position functions as well as asked to work overtime to meet the constant, rapid demand of customers. This strain on resources frequently leads to damage to facilities and products as well as workplace accidents — nearly 35,000 serious injuries result from forklift accidents each year!

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