Forklift Laser Guide

Forklift Laser Guide

The Forklift Laser Guide product from OEA Safeguard will help reduce product damage and minimize product loss by providing operators with a visual light when picking up and placing a load. It comes in your choice of either red or green lasers. The Forklift Laser Guide has a lithium battery which lasts up to 50 hours. It also comes with an on/off remote control to extend battery life. It’s easy to install with magnets to allow you to place the unit in a visible and protected location. Competitively priced, the Forklift Laser Guide will save your company money and minimize product loss.

Features & Benefits

» Universal Laser Guides used on Class II, III, and IV vehicles

» Comes standard with a remote which allows you to turn the laser guide off and on

» Rechargeable lithium battery lasts up to 50 hours – no hardwiring into the forklift!

» Available in red or green color

» Easy installation with heavy duty magnets

» No height restrictions in operation

» Reduce product losses and improve forklift efficiency

Part NumberDescription
SG-LZR-GREENSafeguard Laser - green with remote
SG-LZR-REDSafeguard Laser - red with remote
SG-LZR-BATTSafeguard Laser - replacement lithium battery

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