Physical Distancing


OEA Safeguard’s Physical Distancing (PD) Tag utilizes RF technology to provide warnings between multiple PD Tags to alert coworkers when their personal space has been compromised and are at risk. By setting caution and warning distance zones, you are providing your workforce the confidence they need to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and be compliant with physical distancing protocols.

Our PD Tag provides a proactive solution for enforcing employee physical distancing mandated by the Returning to Work guidelines set by the government and health organizations. Audio and vibration alerts are provided to the person when two or more PD Tags enter the preset zones. The distances can be programmed into the devices based on your physical distancing standards. PD Tags come with two pre-set zones; one for caution and one for warning that triggers when the physical distancing zone has been breached.

Physical Distancing Detection Tag:

  • Detects tags in the vicinity and issues proximity alerts to pedestrians
  • Configurable and rechargeable

Physical Distancing Solution

Physical Distance (PD) Tag

  • Safety range setting up to 16 ft.
  • Emits audible alert and vibration when detecting another PD Tag
    in close proximity
  • Rechargeable battery for long-term use
  • Safety range setting up to 16 ft.

Physical Distance Light (PDL) Terminal

  • Detects PD Tags in the area using Ultrawide Band Technology
  • Emits audible alert and flashing LED when detecting a PD Tag
    in close proximity
  • Safety range setting up to 98 ft.
  • Multiple audio alert options

External Output Device

  • Used with PDL Terminal for additional controller attachments
  • Additional controllers can be attached (up to three)
  • Output detection signal to controllers

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