Proximity Warning System

Employees and operators are stretched thin — filling in for other positions, trying to get more done in less time, sharing equipment…the list goes on! Attention may be hyper-focused on the task at hand and not what is going on around them.

Through data provided from the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more than 61,000 non-serious injuries related to forklift accidents each year.

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Forklift accidents preventable
with standard safety measures.

Even if your facility is well-marked and follows all the traditional pillars of 5S and Lean manufacturing, your employees could still be at risk of a collision and operators could face obstructed views when working in aisles with high shelfs or tall machinery.

With minimal hardware and mere minutes of vehicle downtime for installation, the Proximity Warning System from OEA Safeguard can help keep your employees and vehicle operators safe with audible and visual alarms before an incident occurs. Detect other vehicles and pedestrians up to 100 feet from each other. Set warning thresholds to meet your safety needs — with our most common detection distance triggering an alert being 15 feet from another Proximity tag.

Vehicles are equipped with a detection device that mounts securely to the top of the cab. Employees and operators wear a rechargeable pedestrian tag, either on a hardhat or armband that communicates with the device mounted to the vehicle. When a pedestrian tag or another vehicle tag is detected within the distance you selected from the vehicle, an audible buzzer sounds and a flashing light occurs on the vehicle dashboard to alert operators. At the same time, the pedestrian tag vibrates to alert the pedestrian of the oncoming vehicle. Tags not only detect people, they can also detect other vehicles with the Proximity Warning System installed, making it extremely valuable in high-traffic facilities.

There is no limit on the amount of operator tags one detection device can locate. Reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives to see how many detection devices your facility needs.

The Proximity Warning System is ideal for:

  • Facilities that have tall racks, obstructing visibility for pedestrians and/or vehicle operators
  • Facilities that have large fleets of forklift trucks running at all times
  • Facilities with ramps that could cause driver visibility to be limited when traveling on the ramps
  • Facilities with vehicles being used inside and outside

Adding Efficiency

An additional benefit of the Proximity Warning System is the ability to connect with garage-style facility doors and facility lights — operators don’t have to get out of the vehicle to open doors or turn on lights in a warehouse. The vehicle tags send a signal to the Electronic Operation Device (EOD) that opens the door or turns on a light automatically, no manual trigger needed!

Distance Can Be a Good Thing

Proximity Warning Tags can also be used as physical distancing reminders. Set the caution and warning zones to meet current CDC guidelines for social distancing. Audio and vibration alerts are triggered when two or more pedestrian tags enter the preset zones. All tags are programed with two preset zones, one for caution and one for warning when the safe distance parameter has been breached.

Module Design

Proximity Warning tags and devices can be added at any time and integrated with other OEA Safeguard devices like the Forklift Information System to monitor your fleets and store data in the cloud for reporting and real-time decision making.


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