Proximity Warning System


Reduces the risk of workplace collisions via audio and visual alerts.

Our Proximity Warning System reduces the risk of workplace collisions between pedestrians and vehicles by using a system of audio and visual alerts. Utilizing RF technology, our system is able to precisely measure the distance between pedestrians and people and issue warnings when a collision is imminent, allowing workers to take corrective action.

The Proximity Warning System consists of four separate components:

components of proximity warning system

Vehicle Tag:

  • Provides proximity detection among pedestrians and vehicles
  • Attaches securely to forklift vehicle

Proximity Indicator:

  • The Indicator gives both an audible and visual alarm and features a distance and volume setting; the Indicator is installed on the dashboard of the driver’s cab

Pedestrian Proximity Tag:

  • Detects approaching vehicles and issues proximity alerts to pedestrians
  • Configurable and rechargeable

Output Device:

• The Output Device is an intermediate device that enables additional items to
operate through it. The Output Device has a total of three channels which can be
easily paired with a speed controller, lights, audible alarm, or other product. It is
recommended that the Output Device is installed inside the cab.

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