Pedestrian Detection System

Key features

  • No pedestrian tags needed
  • Quick, non-invasive installation
  • No complicated programming needed
  • Real-time video feed
  • Pedestrian detection up to 32-feet away
  • Visual and audible warnings when a pedestrian is detected

With four optional detection zones, YOU control when alerts happen for your operator.

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Keep your fleet moving at full speed without sacrificing safety.

Industrial vehicle operators are busier than ever. They are tasked with moving more loads, working more shifts and meeting unyielding demands. This ever-increasing burden creates the perfect storm for an accident to occur — as is evidence in recent forklift accident statistics. Equip your vehicles with the Pedestrian Detection System from OEA Safeguard to notify operators BEFORE an incident can occur.

Two cameras, each with a 132-degree view, can be mounted to the top of the vehicle cab using magnets — one facing forward and the other facing the rear of the vehicle. These cameras connect to a 7-inch monitor mounted inside the cab, in clear view of the operator. The cameras feed real-time footage to the monitor of what is in front of and behind the vehicle. Detection occurs when a pedestrian (NO PERSONAL TAG needed) comes within 32-feet of the camera’s view. A red box will outline the person in the camera feed on the monitor. When the person comes closer, or the truck moves closer, the monitor screen will flash red and an audible warning will happen.

OEA Safeguard Pedestrian Detection System


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Under 5 vehicles, 5-15 Vehicles, 15+ Vehicles

Not sure if your facility needs the Pedestrian Detection System?

Pedestrian Detection System offers consistent protection in many situations, including:

Pedestrian Detection System


Facilities with strenuous material handling demands, with numerous vehicles and employees moving constantly

Pedestrian Detection System OEA Safeguard


Facilities without designated areas or zones where product, pallets, containers or PEOPLE may be moving frequently


Pedestrian Detection System OEA Safeguard


Facilities with heavy visitor traffic, without the option of pedestrian tags


Pedestrian Detection System OEA Safeguard


New or inexperienced employees and operators that are not familiar with the facility layout


Pedestrian Detection System


New or inexperienced employees and operators that are not familiar with the facility layout


The number of distribution centers in the U.S. is growing. And many developers are starting to retrofit already-existing buildings, which can lead to irregular layouts, non-standard aisles and smaller loading areas. Take safety seriously with the Pedestrian Detection System.

Offering more than just Pedestrian Detection, OEA Safeguard has scalable safety solutions to keep your fleet moving and your safety budget in check! See our Proximity and Ultrasonic Warning Solutions and our Forklift Information System with digital OSHA pre-shift checklist and controlled operator access.