Push/Pulls can replace traditional pallets with inexpensive slipsheets when shipping and receiving warehouse loads. Push/Pulls are typically used for bagged products like seed, agricultural products, cosmetics, cased food, and more. OEA-Kaup’s Push/Pull can be used with or without a pallet saver, with a separate sideshifter, or with a hydraulically-adjustable carrying platen. The range includes a slip-on version which can easily be fitted on forks of all sizes.

Product # Capacity LCD B C D E F ITA Class V CofG (Z) Weight
PPFM-036-1548-2-A 3600 lb 24" 39.37" 51.18" 40.75" 0.39" 49.21" II 8.46" 10.83" 992.1 lb
PPCM-036-1548-2-A 3600 lb 24" 39.37" 51.18" 40.75" 0.98" 49.21" II 10.04" 14.17" 1300.7 lb