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Welcome back to the OEA Blog! We hope you are continuing to enjoy our content as much as you enjoy incorporating our products into yours.

Several recent posts have focused on attachments. We want to pivot this month and focus on OEA Safeguard systems that would be beneficial additions to your customer’s fleet. We have already dedicated a blog to our Forklift Information System, so we won’t circle back to that one for this blog and focus on some of our different options.

Pedestrian Detection System

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According to Safels, there are 85 forklift fatalities per year and 34,900 serious injuries. The newest addition to OEA Safeguard, the Pedestrian Detection System, is designed with reducing these numbers in mind. OEA Safeguard understands that industrial vehicle operators are busier than ever. These conditions are prime for accidents, so equipping your vehicles with the Pedestrian Detection System can help prevent these accidents by notifying operators BEFORE and accident occurs.

Combining real time video feed from cameras, and cutting-edge AI detection software, the Pedestrian Detection System notifies operators visibly and audibly when a pedestrian comes within 32 feet of the mounted camera — making  it easier for operators to avoid pedestrians near their vehicle.

Proximity Warning System

proximity warning system

Based on our findings, 70% of forklift accidents are preventable with standard safety measures. Many large facilities put operators at risk of collisions and other accidents because of narrow aisles, tall shelves and tall machinery obstructing view.

The Proximity Warning System from OEA Safeguard can help keep your customer’s employees, operators and equipment safe with audible and visual alarms BEFORE (sensing a theme?) an incident occurs.  Using pedestrian tags that are worn by employees and visitors and detection devices that are attached to vehicles, each individual facility can set their own warning threshold and when the proximity tags move within the designated distance of another tag or detection device, an alert is triggered to both. This solution is best for facilities with tall racks, obstructed visibility and heavy traffic.

Ultrasonic Warning System

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Installable on any powered industrial vehicle, the Ultrasonic Warning System is designed to keep employees and assets safe from harm and damage. Using sensors that emit ultrasonic frequencies to detect people or obstacles in a vehicle’s path, the Ultrasonic Warning System is another system designed to alert operators BEFORE accidents can occur.

Another common theme through these systems: the sensors are paired with controllers that provide audible and visible warnings to operators. These will be a hit with your customers that don’t have designated areas or zones where products and pallets are moved frequently and your customers that have new/inexperienced employees and operators that may not be as familiar with the layout of the facility.

Be sure to reach out to an OE Attachments Representative with any further questions or requests about these and any of our other OEA Safeguard solutions!

Do you include any systems like these in your current manufacturing facility? Which one of these systems would help more of your customers? Let us know in the comments!

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