Invest in Safety

Fork Wear Indicator

Join in the future of forklift forks! The new standard for identifying fork wear is here. The Fork Wear Indicator makes it easy to quickly determine fork wear so you can plan for replacement and prevent fork-related accidents.

The easy-to-read wear-indication sticker and stamp saves time by eliminating sole reliance on traditional fork calipers. With this exclusive premium feature, inspectors now have a clean, clear, and readily-available visual reference for fork wear and system safety. The Fork Wear Indicator is available on select ITA forks.

Forklift Safety Device

OE Attachment’s Forklift Safety Device (FLSD) is a safety solution engineered to prevent forklift-related accidents, injuries, and property damage by providing real-time monitoring and safety alerts well before accidents occur. Using a patented system of sensors and cameras that are installed onto the forklift, all data is transmitted back to the driver via a touchscreen monitor mounted in the forklift cab or can be integrated using an existing video panel. The screen will instantly alert the driver if a safety hazard is imminent, allowing them ample time to take corrective action.