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Telescopic Forks

Telescopic Forks enable the stacking of palletized goods to the opposite side of trucks or in double-deep racks. Telescopic Forks increase loading speeds, ensure quicker loading cycles, and open up an entire range of logistic options. They are often operated on piggy-back forklifts and reach trucks. These forks can also be used as hydraulic fork extensions.

Telescopic Forks Model T180CT

Product # Capacity E D G1 G2 ITA Class Weight
TFCT-055-4781-2-A 5500 lb 6.4" 2.2" 47.2" 80.7" II 427.7 lb
TFCT1-055-5393-2-A 5500 lb 6.4" 2.2" 53.2" 92.5" II 463.0 lb
TFCT-077-4781-3-A 7700 lb 6.4" 2.2" 47.2" 80.7" III 454.2 lb
TFCT1-077-5393-3-A 7700 lb 6.4" 2.2" 53.2" 92.5" III 489.4 lb

Visibility, lost load center & residual capacity

  • low lost load center – excellent residual capacity

  • in comparison to standard forks – slightly higher weight

  • very good visibility – comparable with standard forks


Hydraulic synchronization

  • 100% synchronization of left and right fork – no misalignment

  • two cylinders per fork from 2,5 t capacity upwards (up to 2 t: one cylinder per fork)

Service and maintenance friendly

  • easy access to the hydraulic connections on the fork shank for simple assembly and disassembly of the telescopic forks

  • new design, specially for extra long working periods including:

    - sliding parts with extended wear and tear surface

    - robust fork shoes with Hardox bar on the complete length of the bottom of the forks

    - strengthened fork shoe connections