Ultrasonic Warning System


Using ultrasonic frequencies, this system provides audio/visual alerts via the Controller and Horn whenever an obstacle is detected around the vehicle.

This system consists of three separate components:

unltrasonic warning system components

Vehicle-Mounted Sensor:

Vehicle-Mounted Sensors can be easily mounted onto the front, side, or rear of your forklift. Using Ultrasonic frequencies, they provide both audio and visual warning alerts via the Controller Unit when obstacles are detected around your vehicle, allowing operators and pedestrians to take corrective action. 

  • Simple and easy to mount to the vehicle
  • Uses ultrasonic frequencies to detect obstacles and pedestrians

Controller Unit:

Paired up with the Vehicle-Mounted Sensors, the Controller Unit provides both audible and visual warnings when an obstacle or pedestrian is within range. Depending on distance, the Controller Unit issues a series of beeps that will increase in tempo as the obstacle/ pedestrian gets closer. Three distinct tempos are currently included. The Controller Unit has adjustable volume and reverse-only mode.

  • Seamless pairing with Vehicle-Mounted Sensors
  • Emits both visual and audio warnings
  • Audio warning beeps are at three distinct tempos (depending on distance)
  • Adjustable volume
  • Warnings can be set to only go off when vehicle is in reverse

Warning Speaker:

The Warning Speaker easily mounts to your workplace vehicle and audibly issues warnings to pedestrians who are in close proximity of the Vehicle-Mounted Sensors. This unit features adjustable volume and issues the warning “Watch out. Danger.”

  • Simple and easy to mount to the vehicle
  • Works with Vehicle-Mounted Sensors
  • Audibly issues the warnings to pedestrians that are in close range
technical specifications of ultrasonic warning system

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