For Good Measure

According to OSHA guidelines and industry standards, forklift forks should be replaced after 10% of wear, since that milestone    de-rates fork capacity by 20%. This is usually determined by using a fork caliper to measure the amount of wear on the fork.

Using a fork caliper to determine the wear of a forklift fork is standard practice in the industry, but current technology has
left room for error and negligence. OE Attachments’ patented Fork Wear Indicator for forklift forks makes knowing how and
when to check fork wear levels a more reliable process. This simple visual indicator is an innovative way to help operators
and safety managers identify forks that are unsafe or are approaching unsafe wear levels.

How It Works

The wear indicator is an easy to read wear indication guide that is visually stamped on the side of each ITA fork we manufacture. This allows the inspector to have a clean, clear, and readily available visual reference of fork wear and safety of the system.

the Benefits Are:

  • Reduced time required for inspecting forks
  • Simple and easy
  • Reduced safety hazards due to over worn forks
  • Reduced inspection time
  • Increased accuracy when inspecting forklift forks
  • Reduced potential for negligence
  • Reduced possibility for human error
Wear-Indicator 4.jpg