Welcome back to the OEA Blog! We hope you are continuing to enjoy our content as much as you enjoy incorporating our products into yours. 

We have covered a lot of content from our OEA Safeguard and OEA Kaup brands on the blog. This month we want to focus on OE Attachments and some of the solutions we offer. 

OE Attachments provides high quality forks, attachments and other solutions directly to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Investopedia describes an Original Equipment Manufacturer as a company that makes products or equipment that may be marketed as a completed product by another company. Our product experts work closely with these OEMs to meet required specifications for the equipment they are producing. We understand that all solutions are different, and we take pride in our in-house engineering and production teams’ ability to deliver on expectations.  

We provide solutions for many pieces of equipment including forklifts, telehandlers, skid steers and wheel loaders. Solutions include: 

  • Frames – The base of the equipment. OE Attachments can provide your fleet with frames as well as load backrests to protect operators and machines while meeting OSHA requirements. 
  • Forks – OE Attachments can meet any fork need — whether it’s a common size or custom specifications. Select ITA Forks also come with our Fork Wear Indicators that provide your customer a visual measurement of the fork wear.  
  • Buckets – We offer buckets of many different sizes to handle any material from vegetation to rock and construction debris.  
  • Grapples – Used in multiple industries, grapples can break up rock and other materials and haul it away as well. We can customize grapples for anything from pipes to logs.  
  • Booms – Booms are a good way to extend the possibilities of an industrial vehicle. We can provide extension, truss, jib and rigid booms to your custom specifications.  

If you are interested in exclusive products for your industrial vehicles, please contact our team at OE Attachments to get started on the process.  

As mentioned above, we have many other solutions under our OEA Safeguard and OEA Kaup brands. Check out our previous OEA blog posts for details!