Over the past 50 years, OE Attachments has established long-term global supplier relationships and has continually improved manufacturing processes. We are highly effective in forecasting market trends, implementing cutting-edge technologies, and enhancing our steel compound. This combination of supply-side experience and highly adept production results in a product that is both premium grade and market competitive.


OE Attachments offers the largest selection of material handling forks in North America. Forks are available in standard, fully tapered and polished, brick, block, coil handling, rotator, peek-a-boo, and gypsum styles. Fork mount options include ITA clips, shaft mount bars, bucket mount kits, inverted orientations, or blank. Our full-service engineering staff supports custom designs and modification requests. An in-house fabrication team fulfills all engineering designs to ensure exact adherence to design specifications.

OE Attachments offers the largest selection of premium quality material handling forks in North America



OE Attachments is an ISO 9001-2015 registered company. This certification solidifies the company’s pursuit of exceptional product performance, and is a testament to our devotion to delivering high-quality products. Adhering to ISO 9001 ensures quality assurance and consistency throughout production and manufacturing.


All forks are subject to full heat treatment and annealing in order to ensure durability throughout the entire fork. This process significantly reduces the chance of wear and/or cracks under heavy, or high impact loads, in all climate conditions. All OEA forks are measured to exceed a 3x safety factor capacity at a 600mm load center. Some manufacturers measure for capacity at a 500mm load center. Forks measured at a 600mm load center are 20% stronger than those rated at 500mm.


OE Attachments provides premium quality forklift forks engineered to meet or exceed all ANSI/ITSDF and ISO standardized tests. In the USA the Industrial Truck Association (ITA) and The Industrial Truck Standards Development Foundation (ITSDF) are the two governing organizations responsible for standardizing the manufacturing of fork tines. Participation in these organizations is high across the industry.

OEA performs independent testing with outside agencies to demonstrate our competitive quality


All of our independent testing is performed by an accredited laboratory using industry standard procedures on calibrated machines in a controlled environment. A number of different types of tests are implemented.


OEA performs independent testing to verify steel quality and performance for ourselves and our competitors. These tests measure yielding, impact toughness, and fatigue.

TestDescriptionExpected Results (ITA/ITSDF)
Uniaxial tension a sample of the material is pulled apart to measure its strength. Several tests are performed at various locations along the blade, heel, and shank of the fork to measure the uniformity of the heat treatment.120 -140ksi
Charpy impact a sample is chilled and then broken to measure its toughness at low temperatures. This test should be performed to the requirements in ITSDF B56.11.4: 27J27J minimum impact energy at -20C.
Surface hardnessa measure of the abrasion resistance as well as a proxy measurement of the material strength. Expect Rockwell C values in the 30’s.
Chemical analysisused to identify the particular steel used.15B37H is ideal Strongest for industrial application

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