fork spreader attachment on telehandler

Welcome to the Attachment Awareness series! The Awareness series will explore how attachments for various pieces of equipment can improve the overall experience of operation. Throughout this series, we will explore attachments for forklifts, telehandlers and skid steers and the benefits these attachments provide. These benefits include improved safety and increased productivity. (Note: Since OE Attachments manufactures attachments to specific specs for original equipment manufacturers, the individual product pages are not as useful. Our sister company, Arrow MHP, can offer more generic specifications for certain items. We will use the product pages for our sister company to illustrate some attachments and products through the series.) Without further ado, let’s learn about some attachments.

OE Attachments offers two types of attachments: static and hydraulic. Our first post will focus on static attachments for and the value they can add to an operation.  Static attachments are placed directly on the forks to add new capabilities to the equipment. While these are fully manual and require some installation before use, the different functions they offer can transform a piece of equipment into a Swiss army knife for material handling! Our product experts have  highlighted some of their favorite static  attachments. This will give you an idea of the major upgrades these attachments can provide.

  • Booms (truss boom pictured below): Used for a variety of purposes, booms can extend reach, handle loads of abnormal shape and manage specific tasks like installing trusses and frames. With a high weight capacity and fully customizable design, booms are one of the most popular static attachments because of their versatility.
  • Carpet Poles: While not quite as universal as booms, these unique attachments have saved many operators headaches and frustration. Trying to carry something long and cylindrical using traditional forks is not only difficult, but also dangerous to the product. Carpet poles allow operators to safely and easily move rolls of carpet and similar items in a fraction of the time.
  • Fork Spreaders (pictured above): These fully customizable attachments are a must have for any facility that is moving loads of different sizes and shapes. Fork spreaders stabilize wide loads and make moving them as easy as sliding the forks in. These are custom made to fit all carriage types and can be used with adjustable carriages for a more versatile experience.
  • Fork Extensions: This heavy-duty attachment is a safe and cost-effective option for extending the reach of the forks as well as adding stability to longer loads. High-strength steel works to prevent wear to the extensions while the curved tip design protects people and assets during use. For those not ready to make the jump to hydraulic attachments, these extensions are a great addition to the fleet!
truss boom attachment

Already have a favorite static attachment? Have an honorable mention suggestion? Have questions about the attachment we covered? Let us know in the comments! We want to hear from you!

Our next attachment awareness topic will cover hydraulic attachments for forklifts, which can elevate your fleet to maximum, safe performance. Join our email list below to be notified of future blog posts and product updates.

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