Fork Positioners

Fork Positioners

Fork positioners can easily handle loads with varying widths to help meet complex material handling demands. These attachments enhance forklift versatility by allowing operators to control fork distance and handling capacity from the driver’s seat. Fork Positioners also significantly reduce the risk of accidents by providing the correct support base for the load.

Fork Positioner Model SSFPB

Product #CapacityLCDSABDPAFork WidthClassVZ (C of G) Hor.Y (C of G) Vert.Weight
Minimum5500 lb11.4"35"II
SSFPB-055-370-2-A5512 lb24"3.9"12.8"-32.9"37.0"1.1"23.2"2.8"-4.9"II2.2"0.9"8.5"137 lb
SSFPB-055-409-2-A5512 lb24"3.9"12.2"-37.2"40.9"1.1"23.2"2.8"-4.9"II2.2"0.9"8.5"198 lb
SSFPB-066-409-3-A6614 lb24"3.9"15"-37.2"40.9"1.5"23.6"3.9"-5.9"III2.5"1.1"10.7"258 lb
SSFPB-066-490-3-A6614 lb24"3.9"13.8"-45.3"49.0"1.5"23.6"3.9"-5.9"III2.5"1.1"10.7"265 lb
SSFPB-101-490-3-A10141 lb24"3.9"13.8"-45.3"49.0"1.6"23.6"3.9"-5.9"III3.2"1.9"13.4"399 lb
Maximum11000 lb49.5"53"III

Fork Positioner SSFPB Forks

Product #Fork SizeFork SizeFork SizeFork SizeFork Size


The demands on material handling tasks are increasingly more complex. OEA Kaup Fork Positioners accommodate these requirements, as they increase the flexibility and profitability with more handling capacity of every forklift truck.

Especially when the width of the load changes constantly. For this reason Fork Positioners are the most frequent attachment found on forklift trucks after sideshifters. And OEA Kaup offers a large variety of Fork Positioners – suitable for every transportation and operational task.

OEA Kaup Fork Positioners are also, in some cases, available as integrated version with even better residual capacity.


Starter series of OEA Kaup Fork Positioners offer excellent value for money. The attach-ment is designed with hydraulic parallel movement with two cylinders and is based on the P5 sideshifter with fork positioning.

  • QUICKSEAL-sideshift cylinder design for quick exchange of seal kits without tools
  • Hydraulic synchronisation of fork adjustment
  • Drillings in carriers for accommodating different fork widths
  • Greasable, highly wear resistant EASYSLIDE sliding pads with excellent sliding characteristics

Load Backrest

The OEA KAUP Load Backrest has been designed to secure and stabilize loads.

  • Solid construction
  • Good visibility conditions
  • Suitable for fork carriages and fork positioners
Product #BHClass ITAWeight
LBB-370-2-A 37"18.5"II59.5 lb
LBB-409-2-A 40.9"18.5"II66.1 lb
LBB-409-3-A40.9"16.9"III75.0 lb
LBB-490-3-A49"16.9"III82.0 lb
LBB-530-3-A53"16.9" III88.8 lb
LBSN2-630-3-A63"16.9"III 105.6 lb
LBSN2-630-4-A63"28.7"IV219.2 lb
LBSN2-787-4-A78.7"28.7"IV274.1 lb

Fork Positioner Model SSFPSN2

Product #CapacityLCDSADFork WidthClassVZ (C of G) Hor.Y (C of G) Vert.Weight
Minimum5500 lb13.8"32.6"III
SSFPSN2-110-630-3-A11023 lb24"3.9"15.4"-61.8"63.0"3.5"-6.3"III4.4"2.7"12.9"814 lb
SSFPSN2-176-630-4-A17637 lb24"6.3"18.5"-57.9"63.0"5.9"-7.9"IV4.0"2.0"14.8"1041 lb
SSFPSN2-176-787-4-A17637 lb24"6.3"20.9"-78"78.7"5.9"-7.9"IV4.0"2.3"14.6"1213 lb
Maximum17637 lb93.7"94.5"IV

Fork Positioner SSFPSN2 Forks

Product #Fork SizeFork SizeFork SizeFork SizeFork Size


Inexpensive, simple Fork Positioner with independent sideshift. The original forklift truck forks can be used. The construction width and therefore the opening range of the attachment is not dependent on the width of the fork carriage of the forklift truck. Also available without sideshift function.

  • Sideshift function end-of-stroke slow-down SOFTSTOP and roller guided lateral displacement SMOOTHROLL
  • Asymmetrically drilled stop blocks for locking of forks with varying widths
  • Construction width and adjusting range are not dependent on the width of the basic fork carriage – construction widths of more than 118” possible
  • Original forks can be used ( 63” long – up to 95” possible with wider fork brackets)