Rotating Roll Clamps


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OEA Kaup Rotating Roll Clamps are essential solutions for handling spools of paper, large pipes, tires and other cylinder-shaped loads. Optimized to handle complex applications while ensuring operator safety and maximizing productivity. OEA Kaup Rotating Roll Clamps are designed to prioritize speed over torque. Should the need arise, this can be reversed to prioritize torque over speed.



  • Clamping
  • Rotating
  • Lifting

Features & Benefits

  • Contact pads: even force distribution helps secure loads and prevent shifting when load is in motion; several pad options to meet specific application demands.
  • Optimized lost load center: industry-leading residual capacity.
  • Attachment mobility: up to 180° continuous rotation; various opening ranges can be set.
  • Straightforward installation: attachment is mounted on guide rail and hydraulic hose lines are connected, without the need for special tooling or excessive downtime.
  • Excellent visibility: clear view of load for safe and exact operation.

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Rotating Roll Clamp

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Product #CapacityLCDA1-A2FGHKLNTq @ 1812 psiGpmClassVZ (C of G) Hor.Y (C of G) Vert.Weight
Minimum2640 lb17.7"2840 lbII
RCBC-026-1853-2-A2646 lb27"17.7"-53.1"11.8"27.6"8.2"9.8"1.3"3.9"2218 ft lb1.0II 7.4"11.3"11.8"888 lb
RCB-052-0853-3-A5291 lb27"7.9"-53.1"13.4"33.5"10.6"9.8"1.3"6.7"2840 ft lb1.0III8.1"11.8"15.0"1173 lb
RCB-061-1063-3-A6173 lb31"9.8"-63"13.4"33.5"13.3"9.8"1.4"6.7"6601 ft lb3.0III9.5"11.5"16.5"1656 lb
Maximum12200 lb87"14750 ft lbIV
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Visibility lost load center and residual capacity:

  • Excellent visibility with optimally-designed clamping arms, fixed hose installation (where feasible) and with split contact pads
  • Ideal lost load center and tare weight result in optimal residual capacity

Service and maintenance-friendly:

  • Use of identical parts enables component storage
    and reduces costs
  • Wear plates located on the contact pads (1), arms (2),
    and bolted wear bars and supporting feet (3) protect
    from damage

Optional features:

  • Separate sideshift function
  • Limitation on rotation 180°
  • Quick-release bottom hooks
  • Fully configurable
  • Pressure relief valve (manual, double, triple and quadruple)
  • Visual and audio sensors
  • Various opening ranges
  • Wide selection of contact pad surfaces

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