Rotating Fork Clamps

Adding a rotator can take fork clamps to another level of functionality by adding the benefit of turning and dumping. They can be used with a wide verity of loads from pallets to bins and containers. The ability to lift, clamp, turn or dump almost anything without stopping and getting out of the cab makes this a fast, safe and versatile multi-function attachment.


  • Rotating
  • Clamping
  • Sideshifting
  • Positioning
  • Lifting

Rotating Fork ClampsCapacity lbLCD inS inB inA inD inE inG inITA ClassV inCofG ZCofG YWeight lb
MINIMUM2,300 lb- -- -38.2"0.8"- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -
RFC2-036-382-2-A3,600 lb24"VBSS38.2"16.9-66.1"2"5"36"II13.4"10.3"8.5"1,232 lb
RFC2-036-382-2-B3,600 lb24"VBSS38.2"16.9-66.2"2"5"42"II13.4"11.1"8.4"1,265 lb
RFC2-036-382-2-C3,600 lb24"VBSS38.2"16.9-66.3"2"5"48"II13.4"11.8"8.3"1,301 lb
RFC2-052-409-3-A5,200 lb24"VBSS40.9"17.7-70.9"2"6"36"III14.4"9.9"11"1,764 lb
RFC2-052-409-3-B5,200 lb24"VBSS40.9"17.7-70.9"2"6"42"III14.4"10.8"10.9"1,804 lb
RFC2-052-409-3-C5,200 lb24"VBSS40.9"17.7-70.9"2"6"48"III14.4"11.6"10.9"1,848 lb
RFC2-070-472-3-A7,000 lb24"VBSS47.2"18.1-76.4"2.5"6"42"III14.7"10.6"10.5"2,259 lb
RFC2-070-472-3-B7,000 lb24"VBSS47.2"18.1-76.4"2.5"6"48"III14.7"11.3"10.4"2,306 lb
RFC2-070-472-3-C7,000 lb24"VBSS47.2"18.1-76.4"2.5"6"54"III14.7"11.9"10.4"2,352 lb
RFC2-070-472-3-D7,000 lb24"VBSS47.2"18.1-76.4"2.5"6"60"III14.7"12.6"10.3"2,400 lb
MAXIMUM8,500 lb- -- -71.1"96.5"- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -
All dimensional sizes are nominal. Other sizes available upon request.

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