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OEA Safeguard focuses on creating safer workplace environments for your employees and your visitors and extending the life of your equipment. An investment in safety can also lead to a reduction in damaged product and operational assets and work-related injury claims.

Our engineers have worked with manufacturing, operations and safety teams across the globe to develop safety solutions that can be applied to your facility, machinery and vehicles. Keeping your equipment maintained is a vital step in keeping your workforce safe. Did you know the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported more than 888,200 nonfatal, work-lost injuries recorded by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 2019 alone? If you factor in injuries that did not result in lost work hours, there were more than 2.8 million.

So many companies are understaffed, and many employees wear multiple hats, completing tasks and functions outside of their level of training or experience every day. This can lead to accidents and damage to equipment, creating an even larger strain on resources. Check out statistics on forklift accidents here.


Our electronic safety solutions give you proactive preparation for your next safety audit. Use the real-time data on driver and vehicle incidents and productivity to make informed decisions about assets. Have you had a recent OSHA inspection that resulted in a fine? OEA Safeguard solutions can get your fleet up to code quickly.


iView+ Video Detection System

Proximity Warning System

proximity warning system

Forklift Information System

forklift information system


The cost of an average forklift truck with a rated capacity of 10k lbs can be more than $30,000. Don’t take shortcuts on your investment! Forklift protective products from OEA Safeguard can extend the life of your equipment and let you know when replacement is needed before damage occurs, resulting in costly equipment downtime. Protective equipment can be an asset when having new operators, or employees that provide backup on tasks and may not be as familiar with a piece of equipment they don’t use often.

Bumper GuARD

forklift bumper guard

Hydraulic Guards/Pallet Stops

hydraulic guards


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