Invest in Safety

OEA Safeguard is a brand of OE Attachments that focuses on creating safer workplace environments for pedestrians and employees. Using the latest in safety innovations, OEA Safeguard’s line of products promote constant awareness of potential hazards by using sensor technology, camera systems, and audio/visual aids which are designed to prevent workplace accidents and protect your assets.

Forklift Information System

OE Attachment’s Forklift Information System(FLIS) is a customizable solution engineered to prevent forklift-related accidents, injuries, and property damage by providing real-time monitoring and safety alerts well before accidents occur. Using a patented system of sensors and cameras that are installed onto the forklift, all data is transmitted back to the driver via a touchscreen monitor mounted in the forklift cab or can be integrated using an existing video panel. The screen will instantly alert the driver if a safety hazard is imminent, allowing them ample time to take corrective action.

Proximity Warning System

animated reference for proximity warning

Our Proximity Warning system reduces the risk of workplace collisions between pedestrians and vehicles by using a system of audio and visual alerts. Utilizing RF technology, our system is able to precisely measure the distance between pedestrians and people and issue warnings when a collision is imminent, allowing workers to take corrective action.

Forklift Laser Guide

Forklift Laser Guide Mounted on carriage

Using a bright red or green laser, OEA Safeguard’s Forklift Laser Guide reduces the risk of damaging pallets, assets and rack structures by providing operators a constant visual reference of their fork’s position.

Fork Wear Indicator

Join in the future of forklift forks! The new standard for identifying fork wear is here. The Fork Wear Indicator makes it easy to quickly determine fork wear so you can plan for replacement and prevent fork-related accidents.

The easy-to-read wear-indication stamp and sticker saves time by eliminating sole reliance on traditional fork calipers. With this exclusive premium feature, inspectors now have a clean, clear, and readily-available visual reference for fork wear and system safety. The Fork Wear Indicator is available on select ITA forks.

Protective Equipment

wide shot of fork shield installed

OEA Safeguard aims to protect the equipment that you use as well as individuals in the workplace. Using our latest innovations in protective equipment, you will extend the overall life of your forklift forks and vehicles and avoid the cost of early replacement. Each of our solutions are designed to be cost-effective, easy to install, and efficient.