Ultrasonic Warning System

Facility equipment, tools and assets come in many shapes and sizes — handheld power tools, vehicles, containers, pallets and racks just to name a few. Damaged equipment and work-related accidents can lead to downtime, and NO ONE can afford downtime in today’s market.

With the struggle to fill open positions, many operators and employees are new to an industrial or warehouse setting. Minimal training may be provided to get employees out on the floor faster. Less-tenured operators or newer employees may not be as familiar with your facility. When rushing to move product, sometimes details like aisle width, shelf depth and safety procedures are forgotten.

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The Ultrasonic Warning System can keep your employees and your assets safe from harm and damage. With minimal vehicle downtime and only three components, the Ultrasonic Warning System can be installed on any powered industrial vehicle. A sensor uses ultrasonic frequencies to detect people or obstacles in the vehicle’s path, both in forward and reverse motion up to10-feet away. The ultrasonic sensor is paired with a controller to provide both audible and visible warnings to the operator when a pedestrian or other equipment obstructs the vehicle’s path. The controller will alert the operator with distinct beeps and a blinking indicator. The horn can be mounted on the vehicle and notifies pedestrians of the vehicle approaching — because two warnings are better than one!

The Ultrasonic Warning System offers ideal protection in many situations, including:

  • Facilities with large racks and shelves that may inhibit operator visibility
  • Facilities without designated areas or zones where product, pallets or containers may be moved frequently
  • Facilities with numerous industrial vehicles operating at the same time
  • New or inexperienced employees and operators that are not familiar with the layout

As the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reports, forklift operators are not the only victims of workplace injuries involving forklifts. Too often, it is another employee that could not be seen by the operator when the incident occurred. Daily operational checklists for powered industrial vehicles from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and International Truck Association (ITA) alliance don’t address checking for changes in your surroundings. Warehouses are often bustling with activity, making it hard to hear a vehicle approaching or see a pedestrian rounding a corner and coming into an aisle.

Forklift accidents preventable with standard safety measures.

The Ultrasonic Warning System from OEA Safeguard keeps your fleet moving at top speed, without sacrificing the safety of your employees nor the protection of your assets. Without the need for a device on pedestrians, UWS keeps operators aware of customers, vendors and any other guests in your facility.

Not sure if your facility needs the Ultrasonic Warning System? Wondering what the difference is between OEA Safeguard warning devices? Contact our knowledgeable product experts to discuss which solution fits your need and budget!

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