Loads carried by forklifts often need to be turned, either to empty a container, slide material off a pallet, or set a horizontal load upright. Rotators can be equipped with a fork carriage and forks as well as with clamps, booms, or other load handling attachments.


Rotator Model T351.2

Product # Capacity LCD A B H I K ITA Class V CofG (Z) Weight
RO2-035-370-2-A 3500 lb 24" 37.0" 37.0" 8.30" 11.29" 1.22" II 7.48" 4.25" 390.2 lb
RO2-035-409-2-A 3500 lb 24" 40.9" 40.9" 8.30" 11.29" 1.22" II 7.48" 4.25" 390.2 lb
RO2-045-370-2-A 4500 lb 24" 37.0" 37.0" 10.63" 13.58" 1.14" II 7.87" 4.44" 562.2 lb
RO2-045-409-2-A 4500 lb 24" 40.9" 40.9" 10.63" 13.58" 1.14" II 7.87" 4.44" 562.2 lb
RO2-055-433-3-A 5774 lb 24" 43.3" 43.3" 10.63" 13.58" 1.30" III 8.07" 4.80" 672.4 lb
RO2-072-433-3-A 7250 lb 24" 43.3" 43.3" 13.30" 15.55" 1.57" III 8.19" 4.44" 901.7 lb


  1. Optimal visibility facilitates the driver in handling the goods and improves safety. The hydraulic drive is located on the side away from the operator resulting in relatively flat design which does not obstruct visibility.

  2. Standard forks, commercially available, can be used. Eccentrically drilled stop blocks, which are part of the delivery, ensure safe fork adjustment.

  3. Distances between forks, within the fork carriage width, can be chosen as required as the lower fork plate has relevant holes the whole length. Eccentrically drilled stop blocks ensure that any width of fork can be secured firmly.

  4. Different rotating speeds and torques with constant oil volume and constant pressure are possible with the same hydraulic motors with different capacities.

  5. OEA-KAUP Rotators are driven by hydraulic motors and worm gear running through oil. 3 sizes of worm gear and 4 sizes of worm gear allow 9 different sizes of torque.

  6. OEA-KAUP Rotators require little service. They are manufactured from only a few parts. Straight toothed slewing rings are standardly used for the bearings. The slewed rings are, depending on the capacity, toothed on the inner or outer side.

  7. OEA-KAUP Rotators are the basis for all rotating combinations for different customer requirements (rotating Bale Clamps, Drum Clamps, Pallet Turnover Clamps, Paper Roll Clamps, rotating Fork Clamps and rotating Fork Positioners).

  8. Rotation 360° endless, rotation limited to 180° possible upon request.

  9. Rotators delivered, upon request, with quick release hooks for assembly or disassembly without tools.

  10. OEA-KAUP Rotators available, as standard, with capacities of up to 25 tons.

  11. Optimal lost load centre ensures good residual capacities.